Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In times of unrest and uncertainty, music is often created and performed to provide support, strength, and calm understanding, among all peoples. The President and Board of Directors of the International Conductors Guild
work fervently to provide opportunities and educational experiences for conductors 
of all ages, experiences, nationalities, 
genders, genres, religions, and races. 
As part of our ongoing work, we have recently created our organization’s first
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee which will be tasked with ensuring the International Conductors Guild
does not condone any form of prejudice on any level,
and we encourage our vast membership to support and defend us
in this incredibly important work. 
Together, we will identify and correct
any areas that may appear prejudiced, and we will continually learn
how to confront and eradicate all levels of non-inclusion, inequity, and discrimination. 
Inclusion is, and has always been, an inherent characteristic of the International Conductors Guild’s global membership.  We are a diverse community, a broad collective, an equitable group, - a guild.
We support each other, and each other’s musical journey. 
And, we serve as advocates for all conductors throughout the world,
with prejudice toward none. 

Adopted - International Conductors Guild, Board of Directors, January 2021


Our mission statement:

“The International Conductors Guild is dedicated to encouraging and
promoting the highest standards in the art and profession of conducting.”