The International Conductors Guild is dedicated to encouraging and promoting the highest standards in the art and profession of conducting.

1. To share and exchange relevant musical and professional information about the art of conducting orchestras, bands, choruses, opera, ballet, musical theater and other instrumental and vocal ensembles;

2. To support the development and training of conductors through workshops, seminars and symposia on the art of conducting, including, but not limited to, its history, development and current practice;

3. To publish periodicals, newsletters and other writings on the art, history and practice of the profession of conducting;

4. To enhance the professionalism of conductors by serving as a clearing house for knowledge and information regarding the art and practice of conducting;

5. To serve as an advocate for conductors throughout the world;

6. To support the artistic growth of orchestras, bands, choruses and other conducted ensembles; and

7. To communicate to the music community the views and opinions of the Guild.

International Conductors Guild Bylaws may be viewed here -