- the International Conductors Guild email discussion group
I need to ask a question!  
"Who has performed Mahler's 3rd Symphony?"
"Where do I find a recording of Golijov's Azul?"
"Does anyone have a sample conducting contract they'll share?"
Etc., etc., etc........
Active members of the International Conductors Guild have access to GuildList -
yes, this is similar to OrchList and other email discussion groups. 

It's easy to use -  

Follow these steps: 

1.  Login to the International Conductors Guild website -

2.  Enter the following:

Username -
Password: - 

2.  On the website's Main Menu (blue bar at the top) - Go to "Membership"

3.  Scroll down to "My Account"

4.  Select:   "My Features"

5.  Select:   "ELists"

6.  Click on: "GuildList"

7.  Click on:  "Post a New Message"


If you don't know your USERNAME, contact the International Conductors Guild office at:  [email protected]  

Please do not use the GuildList to advertise workshops, masterclasses or other events
where registration or fees are charged.  Also, do not solicit donations from your
colleagues using this resource.  

Workshop, masterclasses, and other events may be advertised
(free, for CG Members), via our "Conducting Opportunities" on the Main Menu. 
Financial support information may be found on the website under "Resources".

An example for the GuildList:

Dear Conducting Colleagues - 
I need to borrow 40 Messiah scores for our December Performance.  Where can I find them?

Thank you, colleagues, for your help!
Joe Baton
[email protected]

Remember, selecting "REPLY" will go to everyone on the GuildList email discussion group.  If you prefer to send a response to the individual, they must include their email address in their signature.

Please call the office if you have questions:  (202) 643-4791.  We are happy to guide you through this process.


{The old [email protected] no longer exists}.